How to achieve E-Mail Notification on root login?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Feb 12 14:31:33 UTC 2013

Polytropon writes:

>  > given there is a FreeBSD system with users in the wheel group, 
>  > what is the best practise to send out a notification
>  > via E-Mail if one of them becomes root via su? In an ideal
>  > case the E-Mail would contain the user name and the time.
>  I'm not sure if there already is a solution (provided in the
>  base system) that offers this functionality, but the fact of
>  a user having used "su" to "su root" is logged by the system.
>  The line is appended to /var/log/messages:
>  	Feb 12 14:40:57 r56 su: poly to root on /dev/pts/2
>  The information you want is in there, and you could either use
>  the whole line, or apply some sed, awk or even perl to form a
>  message with less information (only date and user).
>  A scripted solution could monitor /var/log/messages for changes
>  and use the system's builtin mailer to deliver the message. Tools
>  like "tail -f", "grep" and "| mail" could be involved. It should
>  be quite trivial to implement this and add a custom rc.d-style
>  script (or even few lines in ye olde /etc/rc.local).

	Take a look at the "-p" option of "split".
	The bigger question is how quickly do you need to know -
instantly?  once an hour?  once a day?  

				Robert Huff

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