Portmaster runs make config three times for some ports

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at milibyte.co.uk
Sat Feb 9 10:45:14 UTC 2013

I started off portmaster on a massive update on Thursday evening. Everything 
started off OK and I kept responding to all the make config screens until they 
were all finished and the compilation was well underway then went to bed and 
left it to get on with it.

The next morning I discovered that things had progressed as far as starting to 
build en-apache-openoffice but it was sitting there with the config screen 
again despite having already gone through make config earlier. I clicked on OK 
and left it to get on with the compilation while I went away to get on with 
other things with just occasional checks to make sure it was still running. 
About 6 hours later when I checked it had completed the compilation and had 
started to install en-apache-openoffice but was waiting yet again with the 
config screen.

Once again I clicked on OK and left things to continue. The job was still 
running last night and I expected to find it completed by this morning but on 
checking at 9:30 this morning I discovered that it had done the same thing 
with py27-gobject and had been sitting there with the config screen since 
shortly after midnight.

Both openoffice and py27-gobject had gone through make config in the initial 
stage (I've checked the log file) but for some reason make config was repeated 
immediately before the compile and install stages.

I invoked portmaster with:

     portmaster -r libffi -r boost-libs -r gnutls -r libtasn1

and these are the only options set in /usr/local/etc/portmaster.rc

# Never search for stale distfiles to delete (-D)
# Do not prompt the user for failed backup package creation

Any ideas how I can avoid this happening.

Mike Clarke

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