backspace shows ^? in serial communications

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Wed Feb 6 11:40:00 UTC 2013

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> Subject: backspace shows ^? in serial communications
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> hi all
> i have a problem with backspace in serial communications. i have a
> freebsd8.2 box with a serial card on it. when i connect to other freebsd
> box via serial port backspace does not act as i expected. backspace shows
> ^? on screen. i searched alot and find out that stty has two parameters
> -erase and erase2- to identify erase characters in terminal and they should
> be set correctly. i set erase and erase2 to ^? by "stty erase \^?" and
> "stty erase2 \^?" commands but nothing happened.
> please let me know how i can fix it. i know it is simple issue but i really
> do not know how to do that.

  stty erase {press the backspace key}

Then hit the enter/return key

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