devd wlan wpa

CeDeROM cederom at
Tue Feb 5 10:21:31 UTC 2013

Hello :-)

I want to setup wpa_supplicant to start after wlan0 interface gets up.
The rc.conf ifconfig_wlan0="WPA DHCP" does the job only at boot. When
I get the interface down I need to start everything by hand, which is
a bit annoying when I test a lot and need to switch between Ethernet
and WiFi interfaces very often. I have tried to write devd rule:

notify 0 {
        match "system"          "IFNET";
        match "subsystem"       "wlan[0-9]+";
        match "type"            "LINK_UP";
        media-type              "802.11";
        match "device-name"     "wlan[0-9]+";
        action "/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -i $device-name -c
/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B";

But there goes the chicken-egg problem - I want to run wpa_supplicant
on LINK_UP event that occurs when Media Status is "connected", but to
get that "connected" status I need to run  wpa_supplicant first, so
capabilities of devd are not enough in this case, or I miss something?
Is there any distinction between LINK_UP and IF_UP?

Any hints appreciated :-)


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