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Sun Feb 3 20:05:04 UTC 2013

Nick K wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be a way to create a new account at the "new"
> interface - as far as I can tell there is no "sign up" method at
> On Sunday, February 3, 2013, Fbsd8 <fbsd8 at> wrote:
>> Nick K wrote:
>>> I am posting here hoping that a "Dan" from still monitors
> this
>>> mailing list.
>>> I am in a very bad situation and my mail forwarding has been down for
> over
>>> a week -- no response from ZoneEdit support.
>>> I found references to people getting help from "Dan" here:
>>> My issue(s):
>>> 1.) I can't login to's "new" interface.  I used to be able
> to
>>> log in to the "legacy" interface -- but apparently I'm in the same boat
> as
>>> Mr. Jack L. Stone was -- in that you can no longer manage zones from the
>>> legacy interface.
>>> The legacy interface tells me my account is active at the new interface,
>>> but the new interface tells me my account does not even exist.
>>> 2.) My mail forwarding service provided by stopped working
>>> approximately last week monday.  It has been working fine since 2002.
>>>  Don't you just love it when this stuff happens.
>>> 3.) I can't change my DNS / mail forwarding service, because the email I
>>> used for my domain registration at my registrar is one of the emails that
>>> gets forwarded (and the forwarding is not working).
>>> If Jack L. Stone or "Dan" from ZoneEdit can get in contact with me I
> would
>>> be very grateful.
>>> I don't know what else to do at this point.
>>> The company that currently owns ZoneEdit (Dotster) won't help me -- they
>>> say they don't have the ability to provide support for ZoneEdit
> customers.
>>> This is my last hope pretty much.  Dan or Jack if you're out there,
> please
>>> get back to me.
>>> surge3 at
>> Have you tried to create a new account on the new interface and try to
> access your domains from there?

After reviewing zoneedit new website looks like they are no longer free 
and there now in the domain register business. Time to return to the 
register where your domain name is hosted and change the dns servers 
your using from zoneedit back to your register's dns servers. If your 
register does not provide the dns services you were using at zoneedit 
then time to look at other registers.
I use  and will have ads during the 
super bowl game on tonight.

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