[kde-freebsd] tmux and konsole characters

Andre Goree andre at drenet.info
Sun Feb 3 17:01:09 UTC 2013

On 02/03/13 08:06, Schaich Alonso wrote:
> On 2013-02-03, 07:51, Andre Goree wrote:
>> I'm having an issue with tmux on certain ssh connections.  When I
>> connect to my freebsd server's tmux session that has multiple panes in
>> one window, everything looks fine.  However, when I connect to my linux
>> box, I get this weird character [1] instead of a line as I would expect.
>> Any ideas on how I can fix this?  Really just an annoyance rather than a
>> real issue, but I'm sure someone has come across this before and fixed
>> it.  Googling wasn't much help -- though I did find some solutions, they
>> did not work for me.
>> [1]http://www.drenet.net/images/snapshot2.png
> This looks like a character encoding issue. Are the SSH client terminal
> and the Shell on the server side using the same encodings (i.e. do the
> suffices of the output of "locale" match on both systems)?
> If they don't, the konsole can be configured to use the host's encoding
> by selecting it in konsole menu -> view -> set encoding.
> Alonso

Thanks!  That was it...I opened a new konsole window, set the encoding
to UTF-8 (which my arch linux box is using) and the lines show up fine.

On a related note, I guess I can set LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in my .bashrc and
have that as my default, no?  Any nuances on en_US.UTF-8 vs. ISO8859?
I've never really ever needed to deal with locales before, but I believe
UTF-8 offers more characters, no?

Andre Goree
andre at drenet.info

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