tmux and konsole characters

Joshua Isom jrisom at
Sat Feb 2 16:22:37 UTC 2013

On 2/2/2013 9:51 AM, Andre Goree wrote:
> I'm having an issue with tmux on certain ssh connections.  When I
> connect to my freebsd server's tmux session that has multiple panes in
> one window, everything looks fine.  However, when I connect to my linux
> box, I get this weird character [1] instead of a line as I would expect.
> Any ideas on how I can fix this?  Really just an annoyance rather than a
> real issue, but I'm sure someone has come across this before and fixed
> it.  Googling wasn't much help -- though I did find some solutions, they
> did not work for me.
> [1]

It's just a $TERM issue by the looks of it.  If you set $TERM in any of 
your .cshrc scripts, or .profile, it's probably set to something 
different than what Konsole's using.  Try running `setenv TERM 
xterm-color` before running tmux and see if that fixes it.  Run `echo 
$TERM` just so you can know what it is set to.  You'll have to track 
down where it changes to prevent it in the future.

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