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Sat Feb 2 09:02:03 UTC 2013

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wrote ajtiM thusly...
> Hi!
> I use Opera 12.12. I use KDE 4 and Fluxbox.
> In operaprefs.ini I have
> [File Selector]
> Dialog Toolkit=4
> which help me that Opera works othervise I get:
> libpng error: incorrect data check
> libpng error: incorrect data check
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> This happened on KDE but without above lines in operaprefs.ini, Opera works
> without problem on Fluxbox.
> What is different, please?

(Go to "opera:config" by typing in the address bar. Then in the
search field (one with magnifying lend), type "toolkit". You will
then see only "File Selector: Dialog Toolkit" option. When you click
the "[?]" icon, you will the values (0-4) and short explanation.)

With that out of way, option value "4" tells opera to "use X11 for
file selector" instead of auto detected one, Qt, GTK, or KDE one.

Seems like any or all of opera, kde, png library need to be rebuilt,
possibly along with other respective dependencies. Sorry, I couldn't
be of much help with this.


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