Crucial SSD firmware upgrade -- usb flash drive issues

Gary Aitken ah at
Sat Feb 2 05:52:04 UTC 2013

On 02/01/13 22:06, Zoran Kolic wrote:
> If I understand correctly, it is iso image from ssd manufacturer.
> They tend to think everybody uses win and has cd drive. Quick
> search might give easy answer, if win/linux box is available. You
> could try out unetbootin. Tutorial says it takes an image and
> makes bootable usb stick.

On 02/01/13 17:05, Warren Block wrote:

> The implications of trying to custom build an SSD firmware update image from a CD could be big, and it's really not something to experiment with unless you feel lucky.
>> From a user support standpoint, the first thing to do is send a "Why 
> aren't you supporting your users with a memory stick firmware update? Many people no longer have CD drives."
> Practically speaking, that is not likely to result in a quick result, or possibly any result.  So use a program they recommend, or use an external CD drive to update the firmware.

The mfg claims the iso image is suitable for booting either from CD or a usb
stick; with the caveat that you use some magic software to write the bootable
usb stick.  I guess I'll just find a way to write a CD.

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