how do I restart lagg0 properly?

markus.hoenicka at markus.hoenicka at
Fri Feb 1 23:52:46 UTC 2013

Erich Dollansky writes:
 > I have used this configuration with success:
 > ifconfig_em0="up"
 > ifconfig_iwn0="ether MAC address of em0"
 > wlans_iwn0="wlan0"
 > ifconfig_wlan0="WPA"
 > cloned_interfaces="lagg0"
 > ifconfig_lagg0="laggproto failover laggport em0 laggport wlan0
 > Your IP address"
 > This configuration switched automatically between the available
 > connections prefering em0. There are no routing problems, nothing of
 > this sort at all.

Thanks for confirming the setup. I basically use the same but with
DHCP enabled.

I've done quite a bit of testing lately. Turns out that *sometimes*
lagg0 works as advertized. When the box was booted with WLAN available
only, I can plug in a patch cable and connect to my DSL router via
LAN. Most of the times though, this does not work. After plugging in
the cable, I cannot make any outbound connections. The box can be
pinged from other boxes in my LAN though. *Sometimes* the following
commands will enable networking after plugging in the patch cable in
these cases:

service netif start
service routing restart

But then, most of the times this does not help either. I'm at a loss
now. I'm actually wondering if the problem is located on the other end
of the line (I'm using a Fritz!Box 7113 DSL router for both LAN and


Markus Hoenicka
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