IT security and pentesting tools on FreeBSD

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Sun Dec 29 16:06:41 UTC 2013

On 29/12/2013 15:50, Polytropon wrote:
>> >As to the MAC address, easy. Something like:
>> >
>> >ifconfig bge1 link EE:EE:EE:EE:EE:EE
>> >
>> >It'll either work, or it won't work.
> What does its working depend on? Has it to be a specific feature
> or functionality of the wireless card?

Yep - the hardware and the driver need to support the feature. I'm 
pretty sure that most modern adapters do, but the drivers may be a bit 
behind. FWIW I just tried it on a Broadcomm, and it worked (after the 
ARP cache timed out!).

I'd guess most wireless NICs are fairly new and therefore support it, 
but you'll just try it and see - and try a different card if the first 
one doesn't work. It's not something do all the time so I don't have a list.

Regards, Frank.

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