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Frank Leonhardt frank2 at fjl.co.uk
Sun Dec 29 14:00:16 UTC 2013

Draytek kit can do things like this, but it's not cheap. There is a 
simple solution: get a wireless access point for the second wireless LAN 
and power it from a time switch. There's nothing like a physical switch 
if you want control. It has the added advantage that it will probably 
have its own DHCP server (separate sub-net), and can be on a different 
frequency. If you have a multi-SSID network running on one piece of kit 
it'll all go through a common RF stage, which means it'll all be on the 
same frequency. Back OT, you can also connect a separate access point to 
a BSD box running squid and IPFW and control access that way.

FWIW I've recently bought a few TP-Link "Wireless Range Extenders" 
(Model TL-WA830RE - Version 2). They're sold to the luser market to 
increase the range of domestic routers by acting as radio bridge, but 
flip the flag for expert mode and they become a pretty competent access 
point for not a lot of dough. (Probably running FreeBSD internally ;-) )

On 27/12/2013 15:46, Leslie Jensen wrote:
> Hello list.
> Excuse me for the of topic subject but I wonder if anyone here can 
> suggest or help me with a solution to the following scenario.
> I need an of the shelf Wifi-router with the following capability.
> It should provide at least two separate Wifi networks. One private and 
> one guest network. The guest network should be time controlled so that 
> it will turn on and of on the times set.
> Is such a product available?
> Thanks :-)
> /Leslie
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