Probs with FreeBSD 10- Beta/ RC and Xorg

Lokadamus lokadamus at
Sat Dec 28 09:10:04 UTC 2013

Am 28.12.2013 01:50, schrieb Polytropon:
> On Fri, 27 Dec 2013 23:50:55 +0100, Lokadamus wrote:
>> Compile xorg from ports needs 2 days to compile on my old P4- 3GHz. This
>> is not an Option. :(
> Excuse my question - is this _for real_? I've been using a P4 2 GHz
> for many years and didn't have such high compile times. Yes, sure,
> compiling stuff like or OpenOffice may take some hours, even
> the OS needs few hours, and a kernel half an hour, but TWO DAYS
> really sounds too high...
Yes, i use portmaster to get all dependencys and when i start in the 
morning and
do something on it (using Firefox + NoScript + Adblock eats much cpu 
time), 2 days
will become real.

Compiling Firefox with portmaster needs round about 4 hours.

Firefox under FreeBSD 10 working good, i get the same speed as under 
Windows XP.
Under FreeBSD 9 it needs more time to load a website.

At work i have an old dualcore from AMD and it needs for xorg 4 or 8 
hours and firefox
in 2 hours.

I doesn't tune my settings because i get later errors, when i updatet 
it. And recompiling doesn't make
fun, when i must wait 1 or more hours to see wether it is working now.

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