Running FreeBSD for my personal website: collocation, cloud, etc.

Dale Scott dalescott at
Sat Dec 28 07:49:46 UTC 2013

> On Dec 27, 2013, at 7:22 PM, Chris Stankevitz <chrisstankevitz at> wrote:
> ...
> 1. Buy and run machines from home and figure out a scheme to deal with
> my dynamic IP address

I use the "noip" port in the ports tree with's dynamic dns service (free if you can live with a subdominant-type URL). For the most part it works fine. My ISP doesn't care, although they my upstream bandwidth is only a third of the downstream rate. The only weirdness is my employer's firewall seems to block portions of my web site ("for my own safety"), but this could be due more to my specific config. 


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