musicpd doesn't play musics

Zsolt Udvari udvzsolt at
Fri Dec 27 19:06:08 UTC 2013

Hello list,

I've a problem and I hope anybody can help. Problem is simple: musicpd
won't play. It seems it scan all files:

$ mpc stats
Artists: 6
Albums: 35
Songs: 376

Play Time: 0 days, 0:00:00
Uptime: 0 days, 0:04:20
DB Updated: Fri Dec 27 17:10:09 2013
DB Play Time: 1 days, 8:44:36

But `mpc play`:
volume: 90% repeat: off random: off single: off consume: off

It doesn't print current song and `mpc status` prints this line.

My musicpd.conf (without comments and empty lines):

music_directory "/home/zsolt/Zene/"
playlist_directory "/home/zsolt/.mpd/playlists/"
db_file "/home/zsolt/.mpd/mpd.db"
log_file "/home/zsolt/.mpd/mpd.log"
pid_file "/home/zsolt/.mpd/"
state_file "/home/zsolt/.mpd/mpdstate"
sticker_file "/var/mpd/.mpd/sticker.sql"
user "zsolt"
bind_to_address ""
port "6600"
audio_output {
  type "oss"
  name "My OSS Device"
  device "/dev/dsp0.1" # optional
  mixer_device "/dev/mixer0" # optional

What's wrong?


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