Converting .vob to .mp4

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Fri Dec 27 12:42:12 UTC 2013

On Fri, 27 Dec 2013 12:18:03 +0000, James Griffin wrote:
> I ripped some DVD's the other day, I the .vob files on my hard drive and 
> I used vobcopy to rip the data.
> Now i'd like to convert these files to mp4. I've seen a number of 
> examples online about how to do this using either ffmpeg or mencoder.
> I'm using FreeBSD 9.2-p2, and i'm just wondering if anyone can recommend 
> which program to use for best results. I haven't done this before so 
> advice would be really helpful.

I've been using mencoder in the past, and as far as I know,
it utilizes a ffmpeg library for specific tasks. The use of
mencoder introduces the need for more options, but this is
due to the unbelievable amount of things mencoder can do.
You will probably also have to select which audio track
(language) from the VOB you want, as well as which quality
or video size. The mencoder utility allows you to make
those choices, and you can "confirm they're right" by
using a similar mplayer command. On the other hand, using
ffmpeg without any specific options could also already
generate what you need, so trying both ways and comparing
the result sounds like a good idea.

You can find instructions on how to do the desired conversion
using mencoder on mplayerhq's home page.

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