exit(2) and swap

cpghost cpghost at cordula.ws
Fri Dec 27 02:45:38 UTC 2013


I'm wondering (again) how exit(2) and swap interact.

I have some process (rtin from ports/tin) taking a LONG
time to exit, if it has a lot of pages swapped out.
Looking at top(1), it seems as if that process tries to
swap pages in again from disk, before shutting down.

Is it just rtin doing something funny before exiting,
or is that a general problem with FreeBSD's exit(2)
implementation? Is there a knob somewhere to tell
exit(2) to terminate the process WITHOUT swapping
pages back in (simply abandoning them on disk)? It's
annoying having to wait for such a long time and generate
so much disk activity just to exit a process that won't
need those pages anymore anyway.

Oh, this is on FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE r256534 amd64.


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