has anyone read this blog

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 20 12:59:33 UTC 2013

> Do this website have a relation to trollaxor.com? They have a fantasy
> about Apple Computer making FreeBSD:
>  * http://www.trollaxor.com/2004/02/thank-apple-for-freebsd.html
>  * http://www.trollaxor.com/2008/11/freebsd-owes-apple-big.html
>  * http://www.trollaxor.com/2012/05/freebsd-x-berkeley-unix-apple-quality.html
> They use a lot time to hate OpenBSD and make outrageous claims, and
> the latest story is about new 64-bit OS/2 Warp version, wtf?!

> Is this the same person or do more than one person really use their
> time to make this kind of fiction?!

> -Guillermo

OpenBSD's lack of support for GPT and USB 3.0 are enough to dissuade me: can not run on my hard drive.

I ran OS/2 through Warp 4 (32-bit) until the single-digit days of April 2001, when following a crash, chkdsk ran automatically on reboot, ran amok and trashed my hard-drive data.

I was never able to boot OS/2 Warp after that, even from floppies.

64-bit OS/2 Warp?  I never heard of that, thought IBM abandoned OS/2 long ago.

But there is a not-well-known successor eComStation (www.ecomstation.com); I browse that web site very infrequently.

I imagine OS/2 Warp and eComStation have fallen behind FreeBSD for hardware support over the years.        


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