has anyone read this blog

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 18:45:18 UTC 2013

I read, yes...
That moron, probably have problem with
BSD that he was unable to use... 

Note:  when I say YOU, it does not mean "YOU the reader" it means "every
person"  OK???

I use FreeBSD because I like, an not because it is dead or alive,
or if it belongs to apple, or to the pope, or if will be lunched to

I think that freebsd licence is made in mind that anyone can use
for good or for bad, is up to you to use it, If you want to use the
from FreeBSD.org or from Netbsd.org, it is up to you to build, use,
If you do not agree, go to use something you like, If freebsd does
not have systemd, it is a matter of need, when, or if, is needed,
someone will
code it.  Apple have FreeBSD 5.x in his MAC OS, and have something like

Systemd appears in Solaris, (using another name, SAC if I remember), and
is still
used in OpenIndiana...  I use Openindiana too... it is very powerfull
OS, that 
if treated with "love"  can do wonderfull things too, a Supermicro with
2TB of memory
and 48 cores running openindiana, can run hundreds of virtualboxes
running every
os you imagine... 

About the "new" applications that is based on systemd, what are they???
I write
commercial applications in FreeBSD, and use Netbsd in old notebooks,
Yes! there 
exists "old notebooks" with 512Mb of memory and ONE core, not everyone
money to buy ultrabooks for US$2000. those machines costs U$100 (20 for
the price of one...)
running NetBSD  they are fast reliable, and I do not have the "kernel of
the day".
When you are a "geek", you can compile and install the linux "kernel of
the day", in your computer, but when you
have 2000 computers running, you cannot install the "kernel of the
month"..  FreeBSD
kernels change every 6 months, NetBSD change once a year... and has been
around for 
the last 20 years.
The claim that BSD are insecure, is pure "bull ****", if you install a
software from unknown
source, and it is made using BSD kernel and companion utilities, and
there is a spyware inside, it is not BSD fault,
it is your fault! The same thing happens with Linux, if you install a
binary linux from Steam, for example, you
trust that Steam does not put a spyware inside it, it it does, it is not
Linux fault either....

99% of computer users, use the computer for enter in internet, facebook,
whasup, tweeter, browse some news,
gossips, multimedia (movies, torrents,youtube...)  and porn.  Less than
1% make a document every week.

I have rolled a FreeBSD distribution with more than 1400 packages, all
integrated and updated every week,
with pkgng...  I have a happy community of users, common persons that
does not know about FreeBSD, Netbsd
or Arch Linux, all they want is to open the notebook and use it... and
BSD does it very well.. better than linux indeed
because after a week or so running, the linux kernel "leaks" memory and
the filesystem starts to become slow,
only a power off, would fix it...  FreeBSD have ZFS in kernel, because
of the BSD licence, it is fast reliable, full
of features, and never "crashes", ZFS is the definitive filesystem,  and
Linux is still in the EXT4??? Ok there is
a ZFS for linux, but not produced by a linux distribution... and is
still "unstable"...  would you install a 
linux with ZFS in a server that "servers" 500 users and holds the data
for the whole company ???
If you are using FreeBSD, you do!, I do!!  I have installed hundreds...
never breaks... the mtbf is about
15 years!! I am not talking about "premium hardware" (dell, hp...)  I am
talking about machines you buy
the peaces and mount it yourself (or at least the nearest computer

I use pkgng since version 0.x, and it is a good piece of software, it
have ideas from pacman, pkg_xxx, apt_get....
so what is the problem??? if  it is any issue with debian, why they
(debian)  does not sue BSD or Baptiste Daroussin??

That guy in the internet you saw, for sure have a big problem with BSD,
hes the one that only knows how to put the CD or the Pen drive in the
machine, and hit "install"...  a tipical
windows user...  that now look around and discover that exists something
other than M$, bought a 
linux book at the bookstore, and thinks that is the 8th wonder of the
universe...  Linux is good, but
BSD is better is more stable, reliable, changes less, is ideal for
servers... I prefer reliable, stable and 
secure over "speed"... 

I used to use Arch linux, but it changes so fequently that is unusable
in an corporate environment,
when Arch linux changed to systemd and remove the /sbin /bin directory,
it broke all the posix standard
that have been around for 20 years... I like the freedom of Arch, its
way of doing things, you choose
to use it or not... When Arch killed the gnome2, from a day to another
without letting the user a chance
to choose from the old to new,  was a chaos.. Imagine you having about
200 notebooks sometimes 1000 km
apart, and the next day your desktop environment is gone... Lucky me
that does not rely on the Arch repo, I rolled my own...
from time to time I copy some of the Arch distribution  packages to my
own repo. 

Kind of thing that never happens in BSD, whey they decided to
discontinue  kde3, it was warned
everybody with months in advance, so you can prepare and decide you move
or not...
Hope I answer some doubts from the newcomers, 

That is all folks, Thank you for your patience,


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