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Thu Dec 19 18:22:59 UTC 2013

krad <kraduk <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I stumbled across it today and it seems to go a little further than the
> normal os bashing and could be being liable about a few people
> http://aboutthebsds.wordpress.com/
> I hope its some ones bad taste in humour


I think some of the comments there are a proof that the author lacks
knowledge about topics discussed ("Why do BSD people fear systemd?" post
is an example of it; I am a long time Linux user and consider it,
supposedly only a replacement for an init system, a kind of "trojan horse"
of free software eco-system).

But, the point she made indirectly via FreeBSD list posts about Google
Analytics is right.

Considering that Google officially said that it will not respect user's choice
to not be tracked ("Do Not Track" option in a browser), then it is reasonable
to reject their privacy-violating software.

Considering also that FreeBSD made that announcement a year ago (Dec 2012)
and since then the world learned more about friendly spying (yes, everybody
does it, btw), it is resonable to back off.

Besides, the justification for it
is unreasonable - a free and open software like FreeBSD should think twice
before giving even an appearance of tracking users on their site except for
security reasons (I think the behavioral reasons given are not sincere -
FreeBSD can "leave the home without it", really ...).
Using a de facto spyware for that purpose makes it even more ridiculous.

And if you have a doubt about it, then read this (and followup comments
which are even more enlightening):

"The Times They Are A-changin'".
I think you are losing the PR part of it for certain.


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