Problem with amanda backup (cannot allocate memory) on FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE amd64

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Tue Dec 17 05:41:18 UTC 2013


> Hello everyone. I've posted this problem on, but 
> without any luck. I think, maybe it's something FreeBSD-specific, or 
> specific to it's version. So, here it is, any help will be greatly 
> appreciated.

>From my experience running Amanda server on FreeBSD:

- I had to disable jumbo frames on FreeBSD, it seems to slow down the
  network more than anything;

- I noticed I have to update all the clients before I update the server.

That may be unrelated to your issue, but I had the same apparent
symptoms: big filesystem would never complete while small are fine.

Best regards,


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