Motorola SB5101u cable modem

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at
Mon Dec 16 11:45:02 UTC 2013

Eduardo Morras wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Dec 2013 11:04:12 +0800
> Fbsd8 <fbsd8 at> wrote:
>> Having very slow speeds on my LAN. Looking for cause.
>> I have a D-link DIR-655 10/100/1000 router behind the cable modem.
>> The specs on this Motorola SB5101u cable modem states it has 10/100 
>> mbps, but then it also says "internet download speeds up to 38 mbps and 
>> upload speeds up 30 mbps.
>> I am paying my ISP for 4 gbps down and 2 gbps up service.
>> Is this Motorola SB5101u cable modem a bottleneck causing my slow lan 
>> speeds?
> If you are paying for a 4/2 Gbps connection but your cable modem can connect your LAN to ISP at 0.038/0.03 Gbps only, 
 >then you are wasting money. The bad news are that although DOCSIS 3.1 
(cable modem standard, like ethernet)
 >allows 10Gbps modems, the faster ones works at 4 Gbps and were 
presented some moths ago. They will not be cheap when
 >they become available next year(2014). Are you sure it's a 4/2 Gigabps 
connection and not a 4/2 Megabps ?
> The connection on your LAN is managed by the D-LINK router where I suppose you connect your equipment. 
 >What speeds do you get?

Sorry my bad, I checked and thats 4 mbps down and 2 mbps up that I am 
paying for.
My PC has "N" mode nic and I get 130 mbps wifi connection.
My test is 1.24 mbps down and .82 mbps up between 
Cleveland Ohio and Angeles City Philippines. My ISP is 
Angeles City Philippines.

So I come back to the question is the internet download speeds up to 38 
mbps and upload speeds up 30 mbps of the Motorola SB5101u cable modem 
acting as a bottleneck? Is there a better cable modem that is not 
limited I should be asking my ISP if I can use?

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