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> Having very slow speeds on my LAN. Looking for cause.
> I have a D-link DIR-655 10/100/1000 router behind the cable modem.
> The specs on this Motorola SB5101u cable modem states it has 10/100 
> mbps, but then it also says "internet download speeds up to 38 mbps
> and upload speeds up 30 mbps.
> I am paying my ISP for 4 gbps down and 2 gbps up service.
> Is this Motorola SB5101u cable modem a bottleneck causing my slow lan 
> speeds?

your internal network would only be able to cope with 4gbps if it would
be a 10gbps network. If you have a load balancer, you could use several
1gbps connections in parallel.

I think that it is not possible with reasonable cost to achieve 4gbps
on the internal network.

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