Unbound in jail

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Fri Dec 13 05:37:10 UTC 2013

Beeblebrox wrote:
> How is unbound supposed to start from /etc/rc.conf? Neither of these work:
> unbound_enable="YES"
> local_unbound_enable="YES"
> The only way I can start unbound is, after jail starts then
> jexec <number> unbound
> Why does the /etc/rc.conf setting not work?
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> FreeBSD-11-current_amd64_root-on-zfs_RadeonKMS
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Boy you are really at the bleeding edge. How jails work has changed a 
great deal over the past few releases, [9.1, 9.2, 10.0}. IE. massive 
fixes to jail(8) program, the rc.d scripts patched to auto change 
rc.conf jail definitions to jail.conf definitions on the fly, and the 
list goes on.


1..  create a single jail.conf file for each jail.
2..  be sure each jail.conf contains these statements         exec.start 
= "/bin/sh /etc/rc\"
         exec.stop  = "/bin/sh /etc/rc.shutdown\"
3..  use this jail start command format
         /usr/sbin/jail -q -f "path/jailname_jail_conf}" -c
4..  use this jail stop command format
         /usr/sbin/jail -q -f "path/jailname_jail_conf}" -r jailname
5     put unbound_enable="YES" in the rc.conf in the jail filesystem 		 
where you have installed it.
6..  all ways issue the host shutdown command to have jails close in 		 
controlled manner or issue jail close command for each jail 			before 
doing power off or issuing halt command on host.

Check out this article and review the included scripts.
Its accurate as of 9.2, 10.0 changes should not effect what is written 
in the article about the jail(8) world, but does greatly effects what is 
written about the rc.d jail world. 10.0 is the first phase in 
depreciating the rc.d jail world, so best to make the move to using 
jail(8) world now.


Good Luck

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