Best way to make machine multi-boot

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Fri Dec 13 04:36:59 UTC 2013

> Thanks Ralf. I was hoping someone would have the exact runes to get
> all the BSDs, Linux and Indiana to co-exist on one drive but on your
> suggestion, I'll start with GRUB and see how I get on unless anyone
> else can chip in.
> Regards, Frank.

Would your drive be partitioned MBR or GPT?

If MBR, you run into the problem of not enough primary partitions and OSes that need a primary partition.

If GPT, you run into the problem of OpenBSD not supporting GPT, or USB 3.0

I tried OpenIndiana live USB in September (?) 2011, it couldn't access my hard drives, internal SATA or USB 3.0

DragonFlyBSD in earlier versions couldn't access my hard drive at all.

Latest DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0 USB stick can see my hard-drive (SATA) partitions but can't mount any.

I also can't mount DragonFlyBSD USB stick partition from FreeBSD or NetBSD.

So there might be incompatibilities.

You might be able to put Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD on a GPT-partitioned hard drive.

You would need GRUB2 to choose what to boot unless you can find something else.


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