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Thu Dec 12 13:52:08 UTC 2013

Hope you are well 
I am called  Ben. I help people excel  Social media management helping to generate more business  and also give your Twitter page  the wow factor.
We have a database  of nearly  500,000 people whom have all completed a lifestyle survey , so we have a clearer  indication of what interests our readers . When someone submits an order through us unlike most of our competitors, We then submit your link through our newsletter  and in turn people then like your page. We do not use robots or fake likes. 
Prices from :-
£50 for 2,000 Facebook Likes
£50 for 6,000 Instagram followers
£45 for 7,000 Twitter followers
£50 for 30,000 YouTube Views
If a new visitor  logs on to your Twitter page  and can see that you have 7000 likes compared to your competition with just 350 likes, they tend to side with you even without considering price differences, as they are installed  with confidence. This will also increase your position  through Facebook and start to drive natural  traffic through your page and through google.
If you are interested in our special offers give us a shout, We can let you know what they are. 
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