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Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Tue Dec 10 08:34:29 UTC 2013


>> I inherited a FreeBSD 9.2 machine in pretty bad shape. The base system
>> seems to be all out of whack with missing libraries all over the
>> place. A reinstall of the OS is not an option as I am many states
>> away from the box in question. Having no idea what caused this what
>> is the best way to fix this?
> how can you connect to the machine?
> If you have any chance to copy files to it as root, I would build a
> 9.2-system on a machine at hand and then copy the files to the affected
> machine until a normal log-in is possible.

I would first use the open connection to make a  copy of your remote
system onto a local temporary machine. Then you have something that
you can play with, break, restart, etc. until you have found the
correct solution to repair it. Only then apply that solution to your
remote machine.

 You may have only one shot at repairing it, better you have validated
your options first.

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> It should then be possible to download the 9.2 sources and compile a
> new system locally.
> Erich
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