Base System Rebuild

Ethan House ewh2048 at
Tue Dec 10 08:00:14 UTC 2013

I inherited a FreeBSD 9.2 machine in pretty bad shape. The base system
seems to be all out of whack with missing libraries all over the place. A
reinstall of the OS is not an option as I am many states away from the box
in question. Having no idea what caused this what is the best way to fix

jake# ldd /usr/bin/ssh
/usr/bin/ssh: => /usr/lib/ (0x800842000) => /lib/ (0x800a9d000) => /lib/ (0x800cb0000) => not found (0) => /lib/ (0x800ec4000) => /lib/ (0x8010e3000) => /lib/ (0x80148b000) => not found (0) => not found (0) => not found (0) => not found (0) => /usr/lib/ (0x8017e6000) => /lib/ (0x8019e8000) => not found (0)

jake# ssh
Shared object "" not found, required by "ssh"

The user land is worse off but I will deal with that when I can get the
base system fixed.

Thanks for the help,
Ethan House

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