Gnome3??? no way!!!

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Tue Dec 10 00:39:18 UTC 2013

Em Qui, 2013-12-05 às 16:10 +0100, Markus Hoenicka escreveu:

> And it may not be worth the effort unless there is sufficient
> pressure 
> from FreeBSD users who request Gnome 3. I've tested Gnome 3 briefly on
> a 
> Linux box, and since then I understand very well why there is no such 
> pressure. I was back to Xfce in no time.
> regards,
> Markus

I tried gnome3 in arch linux, I have a lot of users running gnome (200+)
and none
of them the could operate the system using gnome3, was a total chaos...
As arch linux 
abandon the gnome2, I had to make a port of the "old" gnome2 to the
that use notebooks (as freebsd in notebooks have a lot or problems,
still, for example sleep,
and the radeon/sandybridge  graphics does have support now in release
10).. I sell hard disks
for notebooks with arch linux, kernel 3.12, and gnome2 fully installed
(about 1040 packages)
with firefox 25, libreoffice 4.1.6... and using the "old " gdm 2.18..
that have the gdmsetup...
all pointed by a "pacman distribution" of my own, that is updated once a
installs in 5 minutes.... is for users that wants to USE a computer, and
thanks to Microsoft and his "wonderfull"  windows 8
I am doing very well....  I took the example from the MAC OSX that have
the same "feel"  for more than 10 years...

People move from windows 7 to gnome2 easyer than to windows8
Windows 8 that comes with the notebook, after ONE month, all the
licences expires, leaving the computer useless...
My target is cheap notebooks that costs less than US$500 (Brazil) have
2Gb of memory... a machine
that is almost useless running windows 8... about 80% of the new users
have this configuration
and not to mention the "old" notebooks (2 years old)... that does not
runs windows 8...
For you to have an idea, a sony vaio notebook sells for more than US
$2000, an macbook pro sells for US$3000,
a PS4 console is almost US$2000... so a notebook for US$500 is
amazing... (14.1" display, 2GB memory, 320Gb disk, dual core 1.2Ghz)...
for the price of ONE sony vaio, you can buy 4, for a price of a mac, you
can buy 6... 

There are a lot of happy users... The FreeBSD ports collection I
made,have the same 1040 ports... all working
in ZFS and the famous "rock solid" that makes FreeBSD soo good..  The
Freebsd runs on AMD FX6300 with 6 cores
and 16Gb of memory, runs 20 to 40 users in diskless stations with X
logged in the server... when they need something
from windows, there is a NT2003 server in the machine (virtualbox 2.18)
that any user can access...
works like a charm... never breaks... cheap (about US$700 the

Gnome3, in my oppinion is for "geek" users... a "normal" user wants the
panels, the icons,
all integrated in the same environment that gnome took 10 years to
build... When, and if...
gnome3 have the same kind of integration, and works in any UNIX, I will
switch to it...

For now, I prefer the "old" gnome2, and the "new"  Xfce... 

Hope my story can inspire more users...



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