Libreoffice perl dependency

parv at parv at
Mon Dec 9 11:29:01 UTC 2013

in message <201312091013.rB9ADquZ038223 at>,
wrote James Griffin thusly...
> pkg_add -r libreoffice pulls in perl5.14 but all my ports have
> been built against perl5.16 so i'm wondering if this will cause a
> problem, i.e. having two perl versions installed. The installer
> did setup new symlinks in /usr/bin to the older version of perl,
> which I can easily change but I just want to check before going
> forward if and what I should change to avoid problems.

I think that perl dependency would be only build time (of other
dependencies). Even if it is run time, things should not go
(horribly) wrong.

If I were you, I would force-install the package; perl 5.14
dependency be damned.


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