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doug at doug at
Sat Dec 7 19:54:36 UTC 2013

I have two laptops (Dell and HP) and two work stations (Compaq and Gateway) none 
of which would allow switching ttys with FreeBSD 9.1 and Xorg 7.5.1. So I 
updated the Gateway to 9.2 and xorg 7.7. It works fine.

Encouraged, I updated the HP laptop. Switching ttys on this machine results in a 
locked state where the system responds to nothing and the video degrades to 
noise similar to what you get running the wrong driver.

Clearly there is more to getting this to work than is apparent at a surface 
level. I guess I have two questions. Is this something that is likely to ever be 
solved? And where is the problem: BIOS, O/S, Xorg??

With the systems I have now it is more important (to me) to go ahead and run 
with the latest versions, so my solution will be, "if it hurts, don't do it". 
Functionally I am no worse off than now, and I use these systems to preview 
updating production stuff. I am more than happy to test patches, supply 
information, or whatever, to advance a solution to this but what I am looking 
for here is just to understand what's going on.


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