System reboots ~3am during daily periodic 450.status-security run

krad kraduk at
Tue Dec 3 09:48:05 UTC 2013

or you could use the @reboot option, that would mean it always runs at
crons start, which may not be what you want, Alternatively you could cron
your script every x period and get it to touch a file in /tmp, if its
younger than x, the script terminates, if not you retouch and carry on.
More messy but no extra software.

With regards to partition layouts, I think sticking everything on / is
crazy, and is geared up more for novice users who want flexibility. However
if you want flexibility you should really use zfs in my opinion if at all
possible. On a production ufs system I always keep the / fs purely read
only apart from system updates. If I want to save mountpoints, i will drop
/usr and /usr/local, but never /var /tmp, and /home

On 3 December 2013 09:24, Mike Clarke <jmc-freebsd2 at> wrote:

> On Monday 02 Dec 2013 20:40:11 dgmm wrote:
> > This does bring to mind something I'd not previously thought of.  Except
> > for  the rare times I leave a job running overnight, periodic never
> > runs.  I'll have a to make a decision on what to do about that.
> Consider sysutils/anacron
> Anacron  can be used to execute commands periodically, with a frequency
> specified in days.  Unlike cron(8), it does not assume that the machine is
> running continuously.  Hence, it can be used on machines that aren't
> running
> 24 hours a day, to control daily, weekly, and monthly jobs that are usually
> controlled by cron.
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