System reboots ~3am during daily periodic 450.status-security run

dgmm freebsd01 at
Sun Dec 1 23:53:09 UTC 2013

My system reboots at 3am when /etc/periodic/daily/450.status-security

I've confirmed this by running the above script manually.  The system did not 
reboot when manually running any of the other daily scripts.

I'm not seeing anything obvious in log files (although it might help if I knew 
what tolook for and where)


%uname -a
FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p7 #0: Mon Sep  9 
21:34:37 UTC 2013     root at amd64-  amd64


/etc/periodic/daily %cat 450.status-security 
# $FreeBSD: release/9.1.0/etc/periodic/daily/450.status-security 221432 
2011-05-04 12:48:02Z netchild $

# If there is a global system configuration file, suck it in.
if [ -r /etc/defaults/periodic.conf ]
    . /etc/defaults/periodic.conf

case "$daily_status_security_enable" in
	echo ""
	echo "Security check:"

	case "$daily_status_security_inline" in
		export security_output="";;
		export security_output="${daily_status_security_output}"
		case "${daily_status_security_output}" in
			echo "    (output logged separately)"
			echo "    (output mailed separately)"

	periodic security || rc=3;;

    *)  rc=0;;

exit $rc


cat /etc/defaults/periodic.conf 
# 450.status-security
daily_status_security_enable="YES"                      # Security check
# See "Security options" below for more options
# Security options

# These options are used by the security periodic(8) scripts spawned in
# 450.status-security above.
daily_status_security_inline="NO"             # Run inline ?
daily_status_security_output="root"          # user or /file
daily_status_security_noamd="NO"           # Don't check amd mounts
daily_status_security_logdir="/var/log"      # Directory for logs
daily_status_security_diff_flags="-b -u"      # flags for diff output


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