Renumber users and groups

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Wed Aug 28 05:04:49 UTC 2013

One last comment, for the records,

>>> Those solutions sound pretty handy if I need to move the files at the
>>> same time. mtree should do this in-place with minimal fuss as it's just
>>> confirming permissions and ownership on all files.
>> I also just thought of an idea I need to benchmark: running mtree with
>> and without nscd. I bet nscd could speed it up a lot.
> I did try mtree on my own files, counting for 20% of the total size,
> and it took only seconds.
> I bet other users may have many more smaller files, but it's all a
> matter of minutes, so it is fast enough.

I found out that mtree would not renumber the symbolic links, so i had
to solve that urgently afterward.

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