how to find where a port came from and rebuild with debug symbols

Warren Block wblock at
Sat Aug 24 18:39:05 UTC 2013

On Sat, 24 Aug 2013, illoai at wrote:

> On 24 August 2013 12:05, Gary Aitken <vagabond at> wrote:
>> If I have a core file that implicates a library:
>>   #0  0x000000080525cab0 in wxWindow::DoSetSize () from /usr/local/lib/
>> and
>> #16 0x00000008056bf720 in wxAuiManager::Update () from /usr/local/lib/
>> and I want to find out which port these came from so I can rebuild it
>> with debug symbols, how do I do that?
> As to the first look at pkg-which(8):
> % pkg which /usr/local/lib/
> /usr/local/lib/ was installed by package wxgtk2-2.8.12_2
> % pkg which -o /usr/local/lib/
> /usr/local/lib/ was installed by package
> x11-toolkits/wxgtk28
> (the -q flag makes it all lovely & terse)
> As to the second:
> I don't know, some ports have an option to build with debug symbols, but if not
> you might have to edit some Makefiles, or worse.

Can't you just add WITH_DEBUG=yes to the make command or make.conf?

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