Setup HP Laserjet 1120m over network with LPD

Juris Kaminskis juris.kaminskis at
Thu Aug 22 13:19:37 UTC 2013

> I can't imagine that LPD port 515 is not supported by the printer; what
> telnet 515
> gives?

telnet 515
Connected to NPI2B483C.
Escape character is '^]'.

port 515 is not accepting file directly, when I tried the output.xqx to
this port nothing happened, only 9100 accepts

> If this is timing out, I would rather think in firewall issue;
> if you really need to print raw to port 9100, with CUPS you would
> just configure it through CUPS' web inteface as
How in CUPS i will be able to use foo2xqx-wrapper, plus I am planning to
add smart apsfilter from ports on top . I would like that all print jobs
are converted first by apsfilter into postscript, then foo2xqx-wrapper
makes them compatible for HP and finally I ship this data over network to
my printer

generally i would prefer to stick with the native freebsd printing system
which is LPD

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