UUID in fstab.

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Wed Aug 21 06:16:34 UTC 2013


How to find UUID's for Disk volumes.

I have used sysctl -a | grep uuid and was able to find


are these the corresponding UUID's for swap and ufs.

I din't find /dev/ufsid folder to get the UUID's

I have used glabel and was able to create labels, system boots well,
everything works fine but I don't want to use labels (operating constraint:
to create labels I have to boot into single user mode, is there a way to
create labels on mounted partitions (I hope not)).

I found gptid folder which has boot UUID can this be used?

How to use UUID's in fstab?

I have tried using
# Device                        Mountpoint        FStype  Options Dump
uuid=b55762fc-dcdd-11e2-a324-00155d55b20c  /  ufs  rw 1 1

that din't work.

I found (from a post) /dev/ufsid/<uuid> should be used in fstab but I don't
see ufsid in /dev. Do we need to create this or does the system does it?

Using FreeBSD 9.1. created partitions using the guided partition tool.

Reason: using a SCSI storage driver which changes the drive name
accordingly but freebsd installer (boot) is unable to find the drives which
results in boot failure.

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