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Tue Aug 20 20:28:17 UTC 2013

I've done better looking MVC framework websites using PHP Yii Framework,
Perl Catalyst or Perl Mojolicious. It was a while ago, but I had no
experience with MVC back then. It took me about a week to completely grok
the frameworks and concepts (like authorization model abstraction). After
you have knowledge of the framework, I would say it would take a day to
make the simple CRUD layout that you see and then a week or two to polish
it off. I would conservatively give a programmer a month to complete and
polish a similar system, with all the database design, modifications to the
views, models and controllers. It looks like the programmer might of been
using ASP MVC, but I can't fully tell. I'd recommend you go with an
open-source stack of FreeBSD, PostgreSQL Database and one of the Frameworks
I mentioned above. I'd recommend Ruby on Rails if I knew more about it. I
have no knowledge of Python MVC frameworks.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 7:37 AM, Jerry <jerry at> wrote:

> I have been charged with investigation alternate software packages for
> use in our community. The one shown at this URL:
> <> is an example of what I am
> referring to. This is the home URL for that software:
> <>
> I work for a town in the county shown above. We are investigating the
> possibility of setting up something like this on the town's web site to
> assist our citizens in searching for information. This project has a
> one year lead-in time, so it is not particularly time sensitive at this
> moment. We are still in the preliminary stage. The system will
> undoubtedly be using Microsoft 2013 servers, although I could always
> get a FreeBSD server integrated into the system if I could find a
> viable piece of software to handle the job that the ZonePro software
> does.
> I have not been able to locate an open-source application that works in
> a similar manner. Perhaps someone might be familiar with one or has
> heard of one.
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