Custom Software for Municipalities

Jerry jerry at
Tue Aug 20 12:37:08 UTC 2013

I have been charged with investigation alternate software packages for
use in our community. The one shown at this URL:
<> is an example of what I am
referring to. This is the home URL for that software:

I work for a town in the county shown above. We are investigating the
possibility of setting up something like this on the town's web site to
assist our citizens in searching for information. This project has a
one year lead-in time, so it is not particularly time sensitive at this
moment. We are still in the preliminary stage. The system will
undoubtedly be using Microsoft 2013 servers, although I could always
get a FreeBSD server integrated into the system if I could find a
viable piece of software to handle the job that the ZonePro software

I have not been able to locate an open-source application that works in
a similar manner. Perhaps someone might be familiar with one or has
heard of one.

Jerry ♔

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