ipfw confusion

Gary Aitken vagabond at blackfoot.net
Mon Aug 19 06:07:06 UTC 2013

I'm having some weird ipfw behavior, or it seems weird to me, and am looking
for an explaination and then a way out.

ipfw list
21109 allow tcp from any to dst-port 53 in via tun0 setup keep-state
21129 allow tcp from any to dst-port 53 in via tun0 setup keep-state
65534 deny log logamount 5 ip from any to any

tail -f messages
Aug 18 23:33:06 nightmare named[914]: client error sending response: permission denied is the addr of the internal interface (xl0) on the firewall
  and is the public dns server. is the addr of the external interface (tun0) which is bridged on a 
dsl line.

It appears that a dns request was allowed in, but the response was not allowed
back out.  It seems to me the above rules 21109 and 21129 should have allowed
the request in and the response back out.

It's possible a request could come in on, 
which is why 21109 is present;
although I know I am getting failures to reply to refresh requests 
from a secondary addressed to

What am I missing?

Is there a problem if the incoming rule is for tun0, 
which gets passed to named 
since is on the physical machine running named,
but named pumps its response out on,
relying on routing to get it to the right place,
and that fails to match the state tracking mechanism 
which started with

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