Laptop Fn key causes X (Gnome 2) to sleep immediately

Matthias Petermann matthias at
Fri Aug 16 23:58:26 UTC 2013


Am 16.08.2013 13:58, schrieb Polytropon:
> I have tested a Lenovo R61i running Xfce, and I don't experience the 
> strange behaviour desribed. However, using the "xev" event tester, the 
> keycode for the Fn key is being displayed as 227, and the KeyPress 
> event is held (!) until the key is released, which means KeyPress and 
> KeyRelease happen immediately after each other. Because my IBM T60p is 
> still in the ICU, I can't test this, but I would assume to get a 
> similar result. 

thanks, I just used xev (with X and only TWM). It reports the Fn key as 
keycode 150. Looks like this is different across the Thinkpad models.

> It would also be nice if "as much as possible" would work on the older 
> models (including the "docking stations"), because Thinkpads seem to 
> live much longer (and therefore will probably many more years in 
> productive use), compared to their crappy "competitors" on the laptop 
> market. :-) 
Agree :-)


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