Setup HP Laserjet 1120m over network with LPD

Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at
Mon Aug 12 13:38:14 UTC 2013

06.08.2013 22:58, Juris Kaminskis wrote:
> after several trials and errors and reading through FreeBSD handbook I am
> at dead end on how to proceed further, hope someone can guide me.

I always use foomatic for such things, it's quite easier to set up. For 
example I have:

hplj2420d|lp|HP LaserJet 2420|:\

I installed those ones:


This is local setup, but I think network setup can be done almost the 
same way. This printer was initially set up as a network printer but 
after Windows 7 emerged there were numerous problems with printing 
anything so I grabbed the box and converted it to lpd printer. Now 
everything works flawlessly for years.

In your case the key might be using correct filters to feed raw data to 
printer. Most winprinters doesn't know what ps is and require user to 
provide correct raw data.

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