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> New to Free-BSD. Downloaded a current ISO image and burned it to a DVD. System boots from DVD to command line mode.
> Questions are: 
> A.) Is Xwindows, (X11) included on the DVD copy? 

Yes, included.

> B.) If included, what command is used to start it? 

It's included, but not installed. After boot under command line mode, login as root and type '#pkg_add -r xorg' (without quotes). When install ends, you can use startx or xinit to enter X mode. The default wm is a bit rude, install the one you want, f.ex. '#pkg_add -r kde4', '#pkg_add -r gnome2', '#pkg_add -r xfce4'. After install use '#rehash ' and/or '#hash -r'. Start each wm using proper command, startkde4, startxfluxbox, check docs or sail the web for that.

> C.) What shell is installed as the standard shell in command line mode?

Plain sh. Minimal, standard, works, rocks.

> D.) Is there a site that I can download a complete copy of the documentation for Free-BSD, as one file and not a series/set of separate files?

The handbook has single html mode.

> Thank you for your assistance.
> Ms. R. Olivarez
> (E-mail: r_olivarez at


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