How to Fix Port Audit showing ports not installed on a system

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Tue Aug 6 19:55:40 UTC 2013

On 06/08/2013 19:23, dweimer wrote:
> Of course I have WITH_PKGNG="YES" in the make.conf, and I believe that
> has been there ever since the server was built.  Is my best option to
> get the correct list from pkg info use rm -r /var/db/pkg/* to clear
> everything out and then reinstall all of the ports?

If you've had WITH_PKGNG="YES" ever since the server was built then you
shouldn't have any of the old-style pkg_tools entries in /var/db/pkg.

Unless, that is, you've been using pkg_add(1) directly.  Don't do that.
 You just end up with a complete mess.  Remember folks -- pkgng is like
getting married.  Once you go with pkgng, you're not meant to dally with
other package tools, but to stay faithful to pkgng from henceforth.

I hope you've got the old-style pkg_tools per-package subdirectories in
/var/db/pkg because either (i) you used to use pkg_tools and you ran
pkg2ng to convert or (ii) you've been using portmaster, in which case
those sub-directories only /look/ like the result of what pkg_tools
generates, but are really just a place for portmaster to stash a few things.

If those sub-directories contain files called thing like +CONTENTS or
+COMMENT or other names beginning with '+' then you do have a messed up
mixture of old pkg_tools and pkgng.

First: remove all the subdirectories but *not* local.sqlite or
repo.sqlite -- those are rather important bits of pkgng.
Then you can force a reinstall of all packages by

   pkg upgrade -f

Obviusly, you'll need pkg(8) configured to use a repo with all the
appropriate packages available.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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