How to Fix Port Audit showing ports not installed on a system

Paul Macdonald paul at
Tue Aug 6 17:11:43 UTC 2013

On 06/08/2013 17:25, dweimer wrote:
> I have a system that I just recently setup port audit, after realizing 
> I forgot to install it on the machine.  The problem is that it is 
> finding vulnerabilities in several ports that are not installed on 
> the  system.  These may have been installed at   one  point and 
> removed.  Firefox is one of the ones listed, I know that it was on the 
> system previously, but was removed a few months back.  portmaster -l 
> and pkg info don't list it as installed,  but port audit shows: 
> firefox-20.0,1.  Where would portaudit be picking up these ports 
> from?  Is there anyway to reset its  database?
rm -R /var/db/portaudit/

then run portaudit -Fda

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