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Rick Miller vmiller at
Mon Aug 5 13:55:02 UTC 2013

On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 12:40 PM, Amitabh Kant <amitabhkant at> wrote:
> Devin Teske & Rick Miller have a fairly extensive explanation on their
> blogs on how to create your own modified iso's. Search the archives for
> links. Hopefully they can chime in with their respective links.

Sorry to show up late for the discussion...

Devin Teske definitely has more experience and knowledge than I.
However, several of my blog posts may have relevant and helpful
information on customizing images.  There's not really one single
answer as it depends largely on what you're looking to do.

My customized images use a scripted sysinstall install.cfg that
fetches a dynamically generated answer file from Cobbler.  The answer
file is based on a text template which includes Cheetah calls to
Cobbler snippets for various things, including modifying the rc.conf.
All lines modifying the rc.conf are placed in the answer file
following the installCommit resword.

Also understand that we replaced the http media type module with our
own permitting direct http installs.  In 8.4 or newer, there is a new
media type called httpDirect (or similar) that accomplishes this as

Here are some posts you may find helpful:

Bear in mind this applies specifically to FreeBSD 8.x.  I will begin
attacking 9.x in the coming months and anticipate more blog posts on
accomplishing similar tasks within 9.x.

Take care
Rick Miller

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