deleting managed content using svn

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Aug 5 12:38:44 UTC 2013

Matthew Seaman writes:

>  > 	For reasons I won't get into, I want to scrub all svn-managed
>  > material under src in preparation for grabbing a completely clean
>  > copy.
>  > 	Is there a better way than "rm -rf"?
>  Nope.  rm -rf of the checked out filesystem is going to blow away
>  everything you had and let you start again from scratch.  The only
>  things that could remain are entries under ~/.subversion (or
>  /root/.subversion) which will contain such things as records of SSL keys
>  to trust or login details if you needed a password for access.  You
>  probably don't need to worry about doing anything to those.


				Robert Huff

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