AMD Phenom II X4 temperature issues (was Re: hardware monitor)

Eugene genie at
Mon Aug 5 07:05:19 UTC 2013

Hello Gary,

Also make sure there is no packed dirt on the heatsink -- I don't know about 
AMDs, but older Intel heatsinks often tend to accumulate a paper-like layer 
of dirt on the 'top' of heatsink grid, blocking the airflow. I once had 
several thermal shutdowns on my home PC before I found that. This does not 
seem to happen with newer heatsinks so they must have changed the design 
somehow =)

Best wishes

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You can also try shutting down (obviously), then removing the heat sink, put 
some thermal paste on the processor and reinstall the heat sink.  Sometimes 
there isn't much (any) thermal paste there and the processor can't get the 
heat into the heat sink.

On 2013, Aug 4, at 15:22, Gary Aitken <vagabond at> wrote:

> Ok, so now I see that my cpu temperature shoots up pretty dang fast when a
> build is going on.

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