Why is "pkg_glob" no longer working for me?

Tom Russo russo at bogodyn.org
Fri Apr 26 21:06:24 UTC 2013

I used to be able to run "pkg_glob" to see what packages have been updated
since a given date.  For example, if I do a big 'portupgrade -fr somepackage'
and wait overnight, then in the morning find a handful had failed, I often
find it helpful to do something like:

   pkg_glob -r somepackage -x '>= 2013-04-24'

to see what packages depend on somepackage but weren't updated when I did
the portupgrade on the 24th.

But now, I find that pkg_glob always returns absolutely nothing if I specify
a date.  I did a portupgrade -a on Thursday the 25th of April, and when I try 
to see which ports actually got updated with "pkg_glob '>=2013-04-24'", it
prints nothing. 

This has been happening for a few weeks, at least, and I wonder
an update to the portupgrade package busted it.

I have tried rebuilding the package db and ports db using pkgdb and portsdb,
with no change in behavior.

I tried looking at /var/db/pkg to see if the modification times of directories
there might help me answer my question, but far more directories have been
touched than packages actually updated (there were, as I recall, 20 pending
package upgrades when I started the process).

Anyone else have this issue?  Or am I the only one left still using portupgrade
and its associated tools?

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