Procmail Decoding Mime Messages

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Apr 24 21:33:59 UTC 2013

	Is there a filter that one can run in procmail in which
base64 encoded data go in and text comes out so one can allow
procmailrc to do its work?

	I use bogofilter to filter spam and it does a very good
job after one builds a core of spammishness, but legitimate
messages are often-times filled with base64 sections that look
like garbage to the regular expressions that one puts in
.procmailrc for sorting mail.

	When searching for information, I found something called
mimencode which both encodes and decodes these attachments, but
there is no FreeBSD port called mimencode so it occurred to me
that some other application might exist which is in the ports
that does basically the same thing.

	Is there anything which will take a raw email message
and spit out linear strings which can be processed like normal

	Thank you.

Martin McCormick

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